Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arrival/Departure Time at The EDGE?

Arrival at camp is between 2:30-5:00pm the first day. Y'all will drop your kids off at the gym, where they will go to induction and play in the gym and make your way up to the EDGEistration office up in Carter Hall. Please make sure your leaders stay in the car/van/bus with you so they can help get everyone's luggage out of the car. (There are tons of Planning Team members as well as Work Crew and interns down there to supervise your kids while y'all organizing luggage and parking.) Your kids will then come up and meet y'all by Carter Hall to get their luggage. Departure from The Edge will be around 11:00/11:30am on the last day after the morning meeting.

What are the Sleeping Arrangements like?

You and your kids will be organized into dorm rooms. All guys will be located in one dorm building and all girls will be in another dorm building. Most kids just bring sleeping bags, but you are welcome to bring whatever is best for you. The leader to student ratio we recommend is 1:6, so that each leader can be with a group. Each dorm room layout is different. Each building structure is different. I can't really say now how many will fit in each room because I haven't been given room layouts from Covenant College yet. In May, I will send you bed charts for your group to fill out so you'll know ahead of time who will be in each room. I just have to have everyone's final numbers in, in order to do that.

What is a typical day like at The EDGE?

This years's schedule has not been finalized but it will be extremely similar to what we have posted on the Schedule Page.  Once we do get this year's schedule finalized, we will update the website and I will be sending it out.  A few things to note... You will see that there is a counselor's meeting everyday at the same time as G3. Your kids will be at G3 where they will be playing lots of different games while you and your leaders are taking some time to worship and hear about different things going on for that particular day/night. The work crew and interns will be watching over your kids so you do not need to leave any leaders behind to watch over them.

Will our kids need to bring any spending money?

There will be Edge and Wayne Kerr merchandise available for purchase while at camp. (If you have kids that want a t-shirt, the smaller sizes do tend to sell out fast so I recommend they get them on the first day if they can.) There will also be snacks available at different time for purchase.

What is the Dance Party?

There will be a Dance Party either the 1st or 2nd night of The Edge (depending on which session you are attending.) The dance party theme will be "Christmas at The Edge," so make sure to communicate to your group to bring an outfit for that.

We have a student with food allergies, how is that handled while at The EDGE?

We are currently working with Covenant College to create a form for those students and leaders who have food allergies. As soon as I have that information, I will pass it along to you with all of the details on how that should be handled prior to arrival at The Edge.

I know that The EDGE is for jr. high students, but what grades is that typically for? 

The Edge is for rising 6th graders to rising 9th graders. Most churches do not bring rising 6th graders but some do. Its at the discretion of the church as to who they include in their ministry. 

Can the leaders we bring be in high school?

Many church groups do bring both high school and college age leaders with them to the Edge. We do ask that your leaders have completed their 10th grade year in high school.

Do you have nurses on site during The EDGE?

Yes, we usually have 3 nurses on site during the entire conference. Upon arrival at The Edge, there will be a nurse in the registration room for you to meet and go over any needs that your students and/or leaders have. During the first counselor's meeting on Day 1, we will introduce you to all of the nurses and they will give out their phone numbers for you to have during the week.

Where can I send mail to?

[individual's name]
The Edge Conference
Covenant College
14049 Scenic Hwy
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750