Jay Miller

Associate Pastor
Redeemer Church, Evans GA

Jay Miller is the Associate Pastor at Redeemer Church. He graduated from Florida State University before pursuing a career as a sportscaster. Following the tragedy on September 11, 2001, the Lord intervened and began a series of transformative events in his life. 

He has served in pastoral ministry for 13 years, serving in every capacity from volunteer youth leader to ordained pastor. He knows and loves the awkward, wild and wonderful lives of students and their families. He completed his Masters of Divinity at Erskine Theological Seminary and along the way, has apprenticed with the Faithful and True ministry that equips men to face their own sexual sin and woundedness.

The only thing that gives Jay hope - for himself and for you - is that God loves to bring life where there seemed to be death; freedom where there seemed to be slavery; truth where there seemed to be lies. You are not too dead, too small, too ugly, or too bad for God. He's been looking for you.

Jay's prayer has been that the Edge would be a life-changing time when God convinces each of one of us of how perfectly we are loved because of Jesus.

In 2003, he married a beautiful Georgia girl named Amy and together they have three children: Grant - 12, Lily - 9, and Lyla - 4. Jay has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 8 years; loves sharing good stories, watching great movies, and shaving his shiny scalp.