The Edge Conference is a junior high youth conference centered on the Gospel as well as counselor and student relationships. Located at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, each five day session of this summer conference is full of exciting activities, sports tournaments, church group times, worship, and gospel-centered teaching. All of the programming we do is an effort to stimulate and enhance the relationships between your leaders and students that the Gospel might go forth in power out of those bonds.


commitment to the Gospel of Grace.

commitment to be a counselor-centered conference.

Counselor Centered begins with the assumption that the “real” work of youth ministry happens not so much during one week at camp, but in the day-by-day ministry of youth leaders and volunteers.  Local church leaders are the ones in the trenches; they know their kids and have built the relational capital to engage their students’ hearts. The Edge leadership sees our role as setting you up for success back home.  We seek to provide you a week free from planning and implementing activities so you can engage the hearts of your students without the normal weekly burdens.  We want to take care of all the logistics at camp so you can spend the week focused on building relationships with your students.

A commitment to being focused on junior high students.

We believe that this is a critical life stage where big decisions are made, especially when it comes to their faith. We want to capitalize on this time by speaking at their level and challenging them where they are. In addition, it means that we recognize the need of the junior high student to be busy and active and provide the structure necessary to make that possible.


The Edge was started by a group of youth pastors looking to fill a specific need for their own ministries – a Reformed Jr. High conference centered on the Gospel as well as counselor and student relationships. In 1996, the Edge Conference came into being. After two decades, the vision of the Edge continues through the vision and passion of the Edge planning team.