This covenant is an agreement between you and God, you and the leadership of the conference, and you and the other members of the Work Crew. The following statements will provide basic guidelines for maintaining a healthy and effective Work Crew experience. Please prayerfully read each line before signing the covenant.

  1. I have trusted in Jesus Christ alone to forgive me of my sin and to provide eternal life and I am under his Lordship.

  2. As a member of the Work Crew, I will seek the good of others first and will present myself as a servant Jesus Christ to all with whom I come in contact.

  3. I will respond to those of the opposite sex as my brothers and sisters in Christ and behave accordingly.

  4. I will be present at The EDGE Conference 2019 for:
    Session One by 5:30 pm on Saturday, June 15, and not leave until 1:00pm Friday, June 21
    Session Two by 12:00 pm on Friday, June 21, and not leave until 1:00pm Wed., June 26 or
    Both Sessions by 5:30 pm on Saturday, June 16, and not leave until 1:00 pm Wed., June 26.

  5. I will obey the leadership placed over me with a positive attitude.

  6. As part of the team, I will not undermine the work of the ministry by inappropriate attitudes, actions, words, or appearance.

  7. I will be a living sacrifice, following Christ’s example, and will seek to be flexible in all circumstances.

  8. I will seek to be a worthy ambassador for Jesus Christ and The EDGE Conference wherever I am.

  9. I understand that the way we demonstrate our unity is one of the most important ways that those around us will know that Christ lives in us and that God loves them.

  10. I will seek to meet with the Lord each day for strength to accomplish our mission.

  11. I will mail to the Work Crew Boss a check made out to The EDGE for $175 for one session or $250 for both sessions to help cover my expenses as a part of my service.