2019 Work Crew Application

Dear Applicant,

Thanks for looking at a possible position with the Edge Work Crew this summer. The Work Crew at the Edge is made up of male and female high school students (you must have at least finished your sophomore year in High School) who serve so that the Jr. High students and their leaders can have a one of the best weeks of their lives. We are given the task of getting the behind the scenes work done including working with the Program team, the Recreation team and the band. We set up, move equipment, are key in helping make the games happen, help run recreation and evening events, as well as dozens of other jobs that need to get done. It will be hard and intense but during this week you will get the chance to work with an amazing group of your peers, get to know the Planning/Implementing team, serve and love Jr. High students and hang out with the band; all in the middle of one of the best weeks of your life. This year churches will be present for Session One from June 17-21, Monday through Friday; and for Session Two from June 22-26, Saturday through Wednesday. These two sessions will be identical in program but will have different church groups present. Please take note of the dates you are agreeing to arrive by and how long you are required to stay (if you are chosen) as indicated on the Edge Work Crew Covenant as they are a little different from the dates above.

Please take some time to prayerfully fill out this application and submit it by the due date, March 1st. Decisions will be made by March 15th. Again, it is important to indicate which session(s) you are able to serve. Priority will be given to those who can serve during both sessions and priority will be given to those who are first time applicants and/or returning for a second year. We reserve the right to call back some for a third year as needed. Thanks again for considering this position.

In Christ,
Greg Marshall & Sarah Braden
Work Crew Leaders

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This covenant is an agreement between you and God, you and the leadership of the conference, and you and the other members of the Work Crew. The following statements will provide basic guidelines for maintaining a healthy and effective Work Crew experience. Please prayerfully read each line before signing the covenant. I have trusted in Jesus Christ alone to forgive me of my sin and to provide eternal life and I am under his Lordship. *
  1. I have trusted in Jesus Christ alone to forgive me of my sin and to provide eternal life and I am under his Lordship.
  2. As a member of the Work Crew, I will seek the good of others first and will present myself as a servant Jesus Christ to all with whom I come in contact.
  3. I will respond to those of the opposite sex as my brothers and sisters in Christ and behave accordingly.
  4. I will be present at The EDGE Conference 2018 for: Session One by 5:30 pm on Saturday, June 15, and not leave until 1:00pm Friday, June 21 or Session Two by 12:00 pm on Friday, June 21, and not leave until 1:00pm Wed., June 26 or Both Sessions by 5:30 pm on Saturday, June 15, and not leave until 1:00 pm Wed., June 26.
  5. I will obey the leadership placed over me with a positive attitude.
  6. As part of the team, I will not undermine the work of the ministry by inappropriate attitudes, actions, words, or appearance.
  7. I will be a living sacrifice, following Christ’s example, and will seek to be flexible in all circumstances.
  8. I will seek to be a worthy ambassador for Jesus Christ and The EDGE Conference wherever I am.
  9. I understand that the way we demonstrate our unity is one of the most important ways that those around us will know that Christ lives in us and that God loves them.
  10. I will seek to meet with the Lord each day for strength to accomplish our mission.
  11. I will mail to the Work Crew Boss a check made out to The EDGE for $175 for one session or $250 for both sessions to help cover my expenses as a part of my service.