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 Registration Process For Churches

1. Submit Registration Request

  • All churches will receive an email with a link to the submit their registration request on their specified registration date that was emailed to them from the Edgeistrar.
  • Please note submitting this request does not guarantee your spots to the Edge.
  • By the end of your registration week, you will receive confirmation of your spots.
  • Registration is based on the number of consecutive years a church has been attending The Edge.

2. Mail deposit check

  • You will have two weeks from that day to mail in your deposit check.
  • Any checks not received by the specified date will result in the loss of your spots.
  • Your deposit amount will be $50 per person (both leaders and students) plus $100 damage deposit fee.
  • NEW FOR THIS YEAR - No matter the amount of spots you register for, you will be responsible for 90% of your deposit regardless of your final number. For example, if you register for 20 spots, your final number can be 18 without losing any of your deposit. If you bring 17 people, you will lose one deposit of $50. If you bring, 16, you lose two deposit spots totaling $100, and so forth.

Registration For The Edge 


Will take place in january.

If you are a new church wanting to register, please email Alicia at registrar@theedgeconference.org for your registration date.

Registration For The Edge 


is Full

Thank you for your interest in attending The Edge Conference. If you would like for your church group to be placed on the email list for 2024, please contact registrar@theedgeconference.org

Please note – If you are a parent wanting to register your child, please contact your church directly.

Is your church group looking to attend The Edge for the first time?

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